About Us

Tyler Boucher is the owner/operator of Pride Hydrovac Services Inc. Here is one of the hydrovac trucks from our fleet.Tyler Boucher

Tyler Boucher is the owner and operator of Pride Hydrovac Services Inc. A Northern Albertan through-and-through, Tyler is a member of the Fort McMurray #468 First Nation. From his beginnings in Alberta, Tyler has worked across Canada in industrial and oilfield maintenance for over 16 years.

Tyler has worked in the following locations across the country:

  • Alberta (Grande Prairie, Ft McMurray, Edmonton, etc.)
  • British Columbia

In some of his previous roles, Tyler has worked as a maintenance supervisor, hydrovac manager, and maintenance manager.

With Pride Hydrovac, Tyler aims to create a successful operation that combines:

  • Aboriginal Ethos – respect for the land and the integrity of the natural environment.
  • Cutting-edge Equipmentnew machinery that gets the job done with speed and efficiency.
  • Know-how – the years of experience needed to complete every job smoothly.

To learn more about what Tyler and Pride Hydrovac can do for your business, get in touch!